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Accurate and Reliable Fertility Awareness-Know Your Body-Go Natural!

Lady-Comp focuses on the long-term health and well-being of a woman.

Lady-Comp is programmed with over 30 years of natural family planning research data and uses bio-mathematical forecasting calculations.

The fertile and infertile days can be reliably determined without any bothersome or harmful interventions the affect the body`s natural functions. Many women suffer from side-effects of the birth control hormones and the IUD. Lady-Comp offers women a reliable and effective way to plan and avoid pregnancy safely without insertion of foreign bodies and side effects.

Reliably Plan and Avoid
A daily basal body temperature is accurately measured and recorded within 1 minute. The dates of menstruation are entered to calculate the accurate cycle day. This information is evaluated and compared with a database of more then 900,000 cycles. Fertility Status is provided daily and valid for next 24 hours. 
Upon awakening, a simple press of any button initiates the oral temperature measurement.
Lady-Comp is safe and reliable-Quick and easy to operate
Lady-Comp is not contraception. Lady-Comp tells you when you are in your fertile window. During your fertile window you can choose to use a contraceptive, i.e. barrier methods such as condoms and diaphragms or abstain from sexual intercourse.

Safe and reliable
99.3 percent reliable (Based on the manufacturer`s research)
Pearl-Index 0.7.
Very reliable analysis of even complicated cycles.
Disregards irregular temperature readings.
Reviewed and tested by Prof. Dr. habil. Günther Freundl
(Senior gynecological consultant at the Women`s Hospital of Düsseldorf)

Cycle Statistics
Average Cycle Length.
Average Temperature Rise.
Ovulation Range.
Length of Luteal Phase.
Detects Monophasic Cycles .
Indicates possible pregnancy based on the BBT pattern.
Past and Future Calendar Views.

Easy to use 60 seconds/day
Red-light = fertile
Green-light = infertile
Yellow-light = (learning-consider as potentially fertile)
Reliable alarm clock.
Easy analysis of the cycle - helpful for PMS.

One press of a button.
Just 1-2 minutes each morning.
Lady-Comp provides an instant fertility display.
Provides `expected fertility status` for the next 6 days.
Lady-Comp provides an early pregnancy indication after 15 days based on the BBT pattern.

Can be used to both plan and avoid pregnancy.
Lady-Comp can be upgraded to include Baby Planning features.
Lady-Comp is suitable for shift-workers.
Lady-Comp operates well with irregular schedules. Suitable for mothers with small children.
Lady-Comp is suitable for frequent travelers.
Operates on AAA batteries.

One time purchase.
Life Expectancy-Over 7 years.
Very durable.
High quality materials.
Made in Germany.
No additional costs after purchase. No test strips required.
Download and Print Stored Data-Email for Expert Analysis of the Cycle Data.

Included With Purchase
Unlimited Toll-Free Telephone and Email Support
Two Year Warranty
Free Cycle Analysis with a Registered Nurse
Lady-Comp Device and Temperature Sensor
Travel Bag and Product Manuals
USB Cable for Downloading Stored Data




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