Baby-Comp Assists with Conception

How should I proceed if I would like to use Lady-Comp Baby, Lady-Comp and Pearly for natural conception?
You must take your temperature as regularly as possible to enable the device to receive sufficient data to determine the fertile days when conception is possible. The flashing red light indicates the predicted day of optimum fertility or the best day for conception. You can confirm the timing of sexual intercourse on these days so that Lady-Comp Baby can provide a gender prediction and expected due date. When Lady-Comp Baby is used as a solution for reduced fertility, it is important for sexual intercourse to take place on the flashing red days.

What happens if I really do become pregnant while using Lady-Comp Baby?
Lady-Comp Baby, Lady-Comp and Pearly also provide possible pregnancy indications. Very early in pregnancy, Lady-Comp Baby, Lady-Comp and Pearly are able to identify the characteristic differences in the temperature pattern that accompanies pregnancy. The early indications of a possible pregnancy is important so you can consult with your health care provider as soon as possible. The latest findings about the causes of malformations and damage to the unborn child show that the earlier that an expectant woman adapts her life style to the pregnancy, the more positive the outcome. For example, by abstaining from alcohol, cigarettes and certain types of medications there are reduced risks to the fetus. In addition, the information that Lady-Comp Baby provides regarding the time of conception is accurate to the day, as a result of entry of SI data (SI = sexual intercourse) and the device`s accurate detection of ovulation. On the basis of the date of conception, Lady-Comp Baby is able to calculate and display the expected date of birth. The last date when sexual intercourse took place before ovulation is used for the prediction of the sex of the unborn child (this prediction is not guaranteed). Exact knowledge of the time of conception and the corresponding date of birth is considered to be valuable for modern health care during pregnancy. The usual manner of calculating the duration of a pregnancy (counting from the first day of the last menses) is inaccurate. Many women do not have an average cycle, but rather their own individual cycle.

What should I do with Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby during and after a pregnancy?
After a pregnancy has been confirmed, we recommend continuing to measure the daily temperature readings for a further 4 - 6 weeks. Lady-Comp, Lady-Comp Baby and Pearly can monitor the normal hormone levels of early pregnancy through the basal body temperature pattern. Once the pregnancy is established, remove the AAA batteries and store your ovulation monitor in safe, dry area. Your historical data is safely stored by the internal lithium battery.

The first six weeks after the birth are infertile for physiological reasons. If you breastfeed your baby without giving any artificial feeds, theoretically you continue to be infertile due to your body`s production of the nursing hormone prolactin, which inhibits ovulation. This theory is generally believed to be true today. In actual fact however, some couples have started a new pregnancy during this time. This makes some form of birth control necessary soon after birth. As your cycles begin to re-establish, the computer is sensitive to the minimal alterations in temperature before ovulation. As well, during the three days after you ovulate, hormonal changes cause a rise in your basal body temperature, which lasts at least until your next period. If ovulation occurs during a cycle the computer will detect the changes in temperature and issue red-lights during fertile days. However, the device requires confirmation of menstruation dates to calculate the cycle day. The cycle day is required so that Lady-Comp can determine if a thermal shift in your BBT pattern is related to ovulation. For this reason, the lights will remain red and yellow until your first natural menstruation is confirmed.