Baby-Comp Assists with Reduced Fertility

LadyComp and LadyComp Baby make Natural Family Planning Easy!
Traditional Natural Family Planning requires commitment and a substantial investment of your time. Lady Comp and LadyComp Baby fertility computers makes the process effortless. As well, by reducing the possibility of human error, you can have increased confidence that your natural method of birth control is safe, accurate and reliable.

No Graphing Required
It is not necessary to graph monthly charts with the Lady Comp/LadyComp Baby fertility computers. However, if you need to produce a graph for your own personal review or for you physician`s assessment you can do so at any time. All your data including, dates, basal body temperatures, fertility status and menstruation dates are retained in the computer`s memory for each day of the previous nine months. You can access them easily at any time. As well, we can provide you with a free Clinical Print-Out Analysis upon request.

Easy Compliance
The safety and reliability of any method is directly related to the woman`s commitment, its ease of use and consistent compliance. LadyComp and LadyComp Baby fertility computers secure an accurate daily BBT within 30 seconds. The integrated alarm removes the possibility you will forget to take your temperature. The temperature reading time limit is six (6) hours. This allows you the flexibility of getting up early and sleeping late while still securing an accurate BBT for the day.

Adaptable to Your Changing Needs
Safe and reliable options are necessary throughout a woman`s life. LadyComp and LadyComp Baby adapts to your changing needs. Lady Comp/LadyComp Baby can be used very well for family planning by women with irregular cycles. However, if your cycles are very irregular, if you do not ovulate each month and you often miss a menstruation, you may receive more yellow-lights( Learning-consider as fertile) and less green-lights(infertile) than a woman with regular cycles. 

The first six weeks after the birth are infertile for physiological reasons. If you breast feed your baby without giving any artificial feeds, theoretically you continue to be infertile due to your body`s production of the nursing hormone prolactin, which inhibits ovulation. This theory is generally believed to be true today.

In actual fact, however, some couples have started a new pregnancy during this time. According to the latest findings, research on the subject of infertility after a birth was made in regions where the baby was virtually constantly at the breast. This constant sucking reflex is really not the case in our cultural environment. This makes some form of birth control necessary soon after birth.

LadyComp is an accurate way to monitor the cycle during breast feeding. As your cycles begin to reestablish, the computer is sensitive to the minimal alterations in temperature before ovulation. As well, during the three days after you ovulate, hormonal changes cause a rise in your basal body temperature of between 0.5 and 1.6 degrees, which lasts at least until your next period. If ovulation occurs during a cycle the computer will detect the changes in temperature and issue red-lights during fertile days. If your cycles continue to be very irregular in length and/or often extend past 39 days, you may want to continue to avoid unprotected sex and use a reliable non-hormonal barrier method.The only difference you may notice while breast feeding is that as the cycles are beginning to re-establish themselves, the computer may issue more yellow-light days (learning-the clear classification of this day as fertile or infertile is not, not yet, or no longer possible).

LadyComp and LadyComp Baby can be used by peri-menopausal women. If Lady Comp/LadyComp Baby detects a delay in ovulation or a missed ovulation it will indicate this by showing yellow-lights (learning-the clear classification of this day as fertile or infertile is not, not yet, or no longer possible). However, when ovulation occurs during a cycle, the computer will indicate the daily fertility status. If your cycles are very irregular in length and/or often extend past 39 days, you may want to continue to avoid unprotected sex and use a reliable non-hormonal barrier method.

External Influences
At times there may be factors which influence the daily Basal Body Temperature readings. Abnormal fluctuations in the body temperature such as those caused by sickness, alcohol consumption or lack of sleep will not interfere in the reliability of LadyComp and LadyComp Baby fertility computers. The computer calculates the future course of the cycle (and the corresponding fertility level) from the temperature readings that have already been entered. These calculations are made for each individual woman and comprise the typical highs and lows of the temperature curve before and after ovulation. LadyComp / LadyComp Baby analyzes each temperature reading for accuracy. If it detects an abnormal fluctuation it will be ignored and will not influence the calculations of your daily fertility status.