Avoid Pregnancy

Lady-Comp, Lady-Comp Baby and Pearly can provide a safe alternative to hormonal birth control, resulting in a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Although most women can use the products successfully, it may not be suitable for all...



Lady-Comp Promotes Good Health

Health is one of our most precious possesions and we do all we can to preserve it.  We look for a fulfilling love life because this makes us feel balanced and happy. However, the fear of unwanted pregnancies and side effects of birth control pills and hormones often reduce our satisfaction with this aspect of our life. Safe, natural family planning will contribute to a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship. Lady-Comp provides a safe and effective way learn your body's natural cycle.  Today the birth control pill, hormone injections,implants and patches are seen as the most reliable methods, followed by the IUD, Diaphragm, the Condom and least reliable Spermicidal Agents. Unfortunately, many women suffer troublesome side effects from birth control pills and hormones.

Natural Family Planning- A Healthy Alternative

There are many natural family planning methods used to determine the fertile days. Most of these methods require intensive investment of time and effort in order to narrow down the fertile days without the risk of error. It is for this reason LadyComp Baby and Lady-Comp are indispensable.  For women with particularly regular cycles, the fertile days can be narrowed down to as few as six days. There are several potentially fertile days before and after the actual ovulation, due to the lifespan of the sperm and egg.  As an example, in a regular 28 day cycle, a woman will usually receive approximately 8-10 red days and the remainder will be indicated as green. Lady-Comp and LadyComp Baby can be used effectively with shorter, longer and moderately irregular cycles.  If the cycles and timing of ovulation are very irregular due to hormonal imbalances or underlying physical reasons, you may receive significantly more red days and possibly reduced reliability.

Lady-Comp, Lady-Comp Baby and Pearly are not recommended for the following:

  • Women who are undergoing medical treatment for a condition requiring hormone therapy.
  • Women who consider 99.3% reliability as not safe enough.
  • Women who cannot tolerate 8-10 days of abstinence or the use of additional barrier methods to avoid pregnancy. i.e. condom or diaphragm, on red or yellow-light days (days of possible fertility).
  • Women who do not want to abstain on red-light/yellow -light days, but who consider barrier methods as not safe enough.
  • Women with very irregular cycles often lasting longer than 39 days.
  • **The products are not contraception. Lady-Comp/Lady-Comp Baby and Pearly tell you when you are in your fertile window. During your fertile window you can choose to use a contraceptive, i.e. barrier methods such as condoms and diaphragms or abstain from sexual intercourse.