Our Guarantee

We guarantee the customer that Lady-Comp, Lady-Comp Baby and Pearly stay free of material or manufacturing faults or defects during the guarantee period. The warranty begins on the date of purchase and continues for 2 Years for the Lady-Comp, lady-Comp Baby and Pearly. During the warranty period we guarantee the repair, exchange or refund of faulty products at our discretion. We are not liable for other claims such as loss, consequential damage or follow up damage. Guarantee claims are only valid if the user provides immediate written indication of the fault, at the latest 2 weeks after discovery. Retain your completed guarantee card and the original Raxmedical invoice as proof of purchase. The device may no longer be used after the discovery of a fault but must be returned to a Raxmedical repair center, as instructed with postage paid and insured. We do not guarantee for improper use, opening of the device or breaking of the warranty seal. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from external force, impact from being dropped or water damage.


Lady-Comp, Baby-Comp, Pearly and all compatible accessory parts must be purchased from an Authorized Distributor in order to receive a Valid Manufacturer`s Warranty.